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By | November 29, 2017

While Downsizing‘s protagonist, Paul (Matt Damon), is shrunk down to five centimeters in height in the pursuit of a better life, Italian production designer Stefania Cella found herself creatively stretched on her first Alexander Payne-directed project. Employing forced perspective tricks and a complex interplay of cinematography, production design and visual effects, Payne’s latest satire is a departure from his traditional style, playing nonetheless as a human, character-driven story—and intentionally so.

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Alexander Payne, the director of ElectionThe Descendants, and Nebraska, is doing something totally different for his newest movie. Downsizing – a film that features Matt Damon as a character who shrinks down to be only five inches tall – has the most fantastical premise he’s dealt with yet, but a brand new trailer for the movie has shifted my perspective in a big way about what exactly is in store for us when the film arrives this holiday season.Previous trailers made this seem like Damon and Kristen Wiig’s characters were making this decision together and experiencing this whole new world as a couple. But this trailer reveals that the pair split up after their monumental decision to shrink, and paints the back half of the film as a self-discovery story for Damon in the vein of something like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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The film has earned largely mixed and negative reviews after its debut on the film festival circuit earlier this year, but Film actually has one of the few rave reviews out there. In his review from the Toronto International Film Festival, our own Marshall Shaffer says.

The vibe change between the trailers may be a response to the festival reviews, and the studio seems like they’re trying to course correct and give audiences more accurate expectations for what they’re in for here, which is probably a wise move. Even if this turns out to be a mess, it looks like a fascinating one.

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Editing a film used to involve exactly that: Cutting up photographic film and sticking it back together. But like most industries, the digital revolution has shaken up movie editing — to the point that editor Kevin Tent cut part of an Oscar-winning movie while sitting on a train.

Tent is a regular collaborator with acclaimed director Alexander Payne, working together on films such as “Sideways” and “Nebraska”. The pair huddled over a laptop to do some rough edits on 2011′s “The Descendants”, which would go on to win an Academy Award for its screenplay, while they rode a train through Italy to George Clooney’s Lake Como home.

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